Wissota Fitness Tanning & Massage
The expert in all your body care needs!


Our fitness center has all of the equipment you will need for your total body workout. We offer free weights, treadmills, elliptical machines, stationary and recumbent bikes, and a multi-station circuit trainer with more than 30 different exercises.


With packages ranging from one month to a year or longer, we have a package that fits your needs. 

The fitness center is available 24/7 by key card access. Private showers, lockers, and towels are provided at no additional cost. A free orientation of the equipment and facility is given with any package purchase. Long term packages may be frozen for three months.    

Time-Limit Packages

1 year....$299.00     1 year with tanning.....$448.50

6 months...$199.00     6 months with tanning...$298.50

3 months....$110.00     3 month with tanning....$165.00

1 month.....$40.00      1 month with tanning.....$65.00

Monthly Packages:


$32+/Month with tanning

 *One time $50 sign-up fee. Cancel whenever!